Herbal Remedies For Flatulence – Get Natural Relief From Excessive Gas

Flatulence is caused by gas in the bowel. Gas from various sources comes to our intestines like air we swallow, gas seeping into intestines from our blood. Our intestines produce 500 to 2000 mls of gases which passes at regular intervals from our anus. The gas produces by our intestines consists of number of gases which includes methane, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

The most important symptoms of gas are flatulence, abdominal bloating, abdominal pain, belching and some others.

Flatulence is the act of passing the intestinal gas from the anus. It is also known as farting. Some of the main causes of excessive flatulence are peptic ulcer, gall stones, food allergies, aerophagia, diverticulosis, colon cancer, gall bladder disease, habitual air swallowing, 3 month colic and some others. You can treat this problem easily with natural and herbal remedies for Flatulence. But before trying herbal remedies for flatulence, you must take some precautions like:
1. Don’t make a habit to sleep immediately after taking meals.
2. Make a habit to go for a long walk after taking dinner.
3. Avoid taking anything just before going to bed.
4. Increase the intake of herbs and spices as it may be helpful in improving digestion, stimulate your appetite and also preserve foods.

After making these things as your habit, you still suffer from the problem of flatulence then immediately try some home as well as herbal remedies for flatulence. Home or Herbal remedies for flatulence will give you some positive effects.

1. You can make a habit of taking Cardamom seeds as it will increase your digestion process. You can also add it in the process of cooking.

2. Make a habit to chew peppermint as it is very effective in treating flatulence.

3. Increase the intake of turmeric along with your regular diet.

4. Garlic is also considered to be an effective remedy for flatulence.

5. Yoghurt is effective in reducing the symptoms of flatulence as it contains acidophilus which is a bacteria and it also act as an aid in the process of digestion.

6. Take a glass of warm water and mix half tea spoon of dry ginger powder, a pinch of rock salt and asafetida. Take this liquid regularly and several times in a day to avoid flatulence.

7. Herbal tea and cardamom, chamomile, cinnamon or cloves are very much effective in treating the symptoms of flatulence as they act as an aid to the process of digestion.

8. Increase the intake of papaya as it help in the process of digestion.