Garlic Clove and Its Benefits

Garlic is the most widely used spice across the world. Garlic is used all across Eastern Asia, central Asia, southern Europe, northeastern Africa and central Africa and most part of southern and central America. Garlic is known for its distinct smell and also the spicy flavour it gives for the food. The first mentioning of this amazing ALLIUM SATIVUM(garlic scientific name)was in 510 AD in china. Ever since garlic has become more or less a household name. Garlic is not only known for its culinary uses but also known for its versatile medicinal benefits.

Wide ranges of people are not aware of the various medicinal benefits garlic has to offer. Garlic is known to be very good for cardiovascular functioning. Today, in the contemporary world, Garlic helps in creating and maintaining an excellent health. Its most well known benefits is, its ability to reduce heart attacks. Garlic is an excellent supplement for reducing the platelet aggression. Due to this, the blood coagulation is reduced and in turn increases the heart health. Usage of garlic in your diet helps you loosen the platelets of blood and also it loosens the plaque from the artery walls. This helps us in controlling the blood sugar levels.

Garlic also encourages the increase in bile quantity, which helps in reducing the fat content in the lever. Garlic has germanium in it, which is a anti-cancer agent. And garlic contains more germanium quantity than any other herb. Garlic is also antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral herb. Due to these properties it’s very good in improving the immune system of the human body. It helps your body to improve defence system against allergies. Garlic usage in daily diet in optimized quantity helps us prevent cancer. The protective effect of garlic, interfere with cancer developing tumour and stop them.

Garlic stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the blood vessels, which helps to keep them blood vessels relaxed. Garlic also helps to regulate the body blood pressure. Whether it is low blood pressure or high blood pressure, garlic helps in equalizing it. Garlic is also used as a weight control agent, as it contains Allicin. It is a substance, which doesn’t allow the body to increase weight. Researchers concluded that, garlic can be a practical value for weight control.