Garlic Clove and Its Benefits

Garlic is the most widely used spice across the world. Garlic is used all across Eastern Asia, central Asia, southern Europe, northeastern Africa and central Africa and most part of southern and central America. Garlic is known for its distinct smell and also the spicy flavour it gives for the food. The first mentioning of this amazing ALLIUM SATIVUM(garlic scientific name)was in 510 AD in china. Ever since garlic has become more or less a household name. Garlic is not only known for its culinary uses but also known for its versatile medicinal benefits.

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Best over the Counter Acne Treatment

They are normally low priced when matched up to prescription medications and some perform marvelously. The most generally used “over-the-counter” acne medication is Benzoyl peroxide and for good reason; it is one of the most efficient acne medication presented. In addition, benzoyl peroxide has been contrasted to some of the prescription medicines for acne and it is almost as effectual as numerous acne antibiotics. On the whole, it is the most efficient “over-the-counter” acne prescription.

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Herbal Remedies For Flatulence – Get Natural Relief From Excessive Gas

Flatulence is caused by gas in the bowel. Gas from various sources comes to our intestines like air we swallow, gas seeping into intestines from our blood. Our intestines produce 500 to 2000 mls of gases which passes at regular intervals from our anus. The gas produces by our intestines consists of number of gases which includes methane, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

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