Best over the Counter Acne Treatment

They are normally low priced when matched up to prescription medications and some perform marvelously. The most generally used “over-the-counter” acne medication is Benzoyl peroxide
and for good reason; it is one of the most efficient acne medication presented. In addition, benzoyl peroxide has been contrasted to some of the prescription medicines for acne and it is almost as effectual as numerous acne antibiotics. On the whole, it is the most efficient “over-the-counter” acne prescription.

On the other hand, there are others which can be very advantageous as well, comprising salicylic acid. It is a beta hydroxy acid and it works as an acerbic to eliminate dead skin cells. Removing of these dead cells helps in eliminating blocked pores, plus helps the skin to restore itself sooner. As acne is caused by bacteria which produce sebum in the pores of the skin, it is very essential for the sebum to have a means of removing out of the pores earlier than it turns out to be contaminated. Once salicylic acid is used to remove the dead cells, then the sebum is much less expected to turn out to be trapped beneath the skin and infected. Salicylic acid is generally used as a makeup remover, but it is generally used in acne healing via oxy pads or stridex pads.

Sulfur is one of the medications used in some “over-the-counter” acne medication. It’s a very old acne treatment and reacts with the skin cells in such a means that it turns its peel and dry. This fights with acne by dehydrating the Sebum and as a result, preventing the bacteria to reproduce. A lot of facial soap cleansers contain sulfur as an ingredient. Sulfur is very efficient in removing blackheads and whiteheads. It is not much efficient over swollen cystic acne. Its one of the major drawbacks is that it can boost skin cell bond to the skin and as a result creates chances of more acnes in the future. It is fine to make use of a mild exfoliator when using sulfur to cure acne. In addition, sulfur has a very strong fragrance and few folks have skin which reacts ruthlessly with sulfur, causing too much peeling and redness.

One more “over-the-counter” chemical which is used to heal different skin conditions, counting acne is Resorcinol. It functions by splitting tough skin. For acne, this means less blocked pores and more rapidly skin development. Resorcinol is generally used with sulfur to cure acne. Moreover, resorcinol is good for dandruff and eczema. Since it is a very strong element, never use resorcinol with other astringents or cleansers unless advised by a dermatologist to do so. These are the most widely used “over-the-counter” acne healing products. For someone who is experiencing acne on his or her body, these four “over-the-counter” healings provide a good opportunity of helping to reduce acne.

A wide range of medications are available today which have proven effective in the treatment of acne. Find the ones that work and know how to use them for maximum acne effect.