Wine and acne: A good combination?

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 Wine is a great addition to any dinner. You have your red and blush wines, which go with any pasta dish or red meat, and then you have your white wines that are delicious with seafood and chicken dishes. Anyway you put it wine is and enjoyable beverage to consume but that is not all it is good for. Guess what wine drinkers; not only does wine taste good and is a healthy substitute to other alcohols, it is also good for the skin and whatever skin condition you may have.

 Now do not go out there and buy a big jug of red or white wine just to pour it all over your face, it is not the alcohol itself that’s the savior, it is a certain ingredient called Resvertrol. This ingredient is found in the skin of grapes which are squished to make wines we all know and love.  What Resvertrol is known for is its ability to kill the bacterium that forms acne on your skin. 

From my research on organic treatments for acne, I have run across numerous at-home remedies that are said to cure your acne and a good amount of them have said to use some form of wine or grapes. Take for example; a specific remedy I saw said to use honey and red wine to treat your face. You are supposed to mix it up and apply. The problem with this, because I am pretty sure it could work, is the fact that some people have skin reactions to alcohol. Think about that, you have acne already and then try this at home remedy you have heard about only to find that it irritates you skin further. That would not be such a fun experience.  People have used at home remedies for centuries and some have been great and some have been just plain bad.

For those of us who would not like to play scientist in our kitchen or bathroom, your best option would be to find a topical treatment for you acne with the active ingredient Resvertrol . Try to look for products that not only have Resvertrol, but include other ingredients as well that will only help in the process of healing your acne.  Brands that have anti inflammatory ingredients, like Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, will not only aid in acne fighting but will moisturize your skin too. I know what you could be thinking, “well what is a specific product that I can use with these ingredients?” or” where do I find these brands?” They are out there; you just have to be ingredient intelligent.

I bet the next time you sit down to dinner with your glass of wine, not only will you be thinking about the delicious taste but the fact of additives in an alcoholic beverage being able to help with your health.  It all goes to show, the ingredients that are grown naturally and have been around forever seem to be the best remedies for aliments that a majority of people experience every day. Perhaps are ancestors had it right.